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PointOne Offers Remote Online Proofing

For customers seeking added convenience and flexibility, PointOne now provides web-based remote proofing.

This offering gives customers open, secure online access to PointOne’s file servers and RIPs. Customers upload their files, which are then processed in queue. Visual proofs are sent back electronically.

Remote proofing, which is offered at no extra cost, provides numerous benefits, among them:

  • Version control
  • Customer control over access to files
  • Electronic approvals (by one person or many, as designated by the customer)
  • Editing tools, such as the capability to add comments to files

Remote proofing puts more control in the hands of customers, who can work on files on their own time, day or night. This also helps to reduce turnaround times.

At present, the service is used by a relatively small proportion of customers – mainly professionals at agencies and magazines who use the PDF format.

“Everyone that uses it, loves it,” says Rick Lee, Quality Assurance Manager, at PointOne. “Remote proofing gives clients the flexibility to work at their own pace.”


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