PointOne Post Article 4

Better Equipment = Better Quality

In today’s print marketplace, the quality standards expected by customers have grown ever higher. This has been made possible – and is driven by – significant improvements in printing equipment, from prepress through to post-press.

PointOne’s continual reinvestment in the latest equipment, including new presses, stitchers, cutters and more, along with extensive employee training, ensures that those expectations are fully met.

Another key quality tool is PointOne’s GRACOL-certified proofing system. GRACOL (General Requirements and Applications for Offset Lithography) certification guarantees that the proofs customers see are 97 percent accurate when matched against what’s printed – every time.

To support this demanding standard, PointOne utilizes a system that automatically adjusts printing plates for every job. This means that press checks are no longer required, making it faster and easier to produce consistently high quality work.


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