PointOne Post Article 3

Meeting the Need for Speed

Print customers today require increasingly fast turnaround times. PointOne delivers!

In today’s just-in-time business world, marketers and other customers need printing jobs to be completed in record-fast time. Thanks to our continuous reinvestment in new press technology and ongoing process improvements, PointOne is now able to deliver finished work much faster than ever before.

To cite one example, 100,000 copies of a 36-page book would have taken 10 days to complete from the time of proof approval, three years ago. By a year ago, that was reduced to eight days, and today the turnaround is no more than seven days. Similar improvements apply to smaller print jobs as well.

Newer presses like the MAN Rolland web press installed at PointOne in late 2007 make it all possible. The MAN Rolland press can print 65,000 pieces per hour, and with its powerful dryer, can have that output ready for immediate packaging and shipping.

“People want to get ads and direct mail out faster so they can sell faster,” says PointOne’s Tanya Low.

PointOne’s ability to meet those demands consistently is recognized by customers as a key differentiator.

“PointOne’s turnaround times are a lot faster than what people expect,” says Geoffrey Lye, a broker with Print Management Solutions. “Many times I’ve had sizeable jobs done in 24 hours, and that’s what you’d expect when you go to your corner printer to get something Xeroxed.”


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