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PointOne People: Prepress Veteran Xavier Rodrigues

During almost a decade in prepress at PointOne, Xavier Rodrigues has seen a lot of change.

While the core function of his job has remained constant – providing the front-end work that ensures high quality, on-time press output – how he goes about it has changed greatly over the years.

Successions of new equipment and processes have transformed pre-press. Everything from printers to computer equipment to web-enabled tools like remote proofing has advanced significantly. For some jobs, hard copy has given way to PDF. And for all jobs, GRACOL-certification has raised the bar on quality standards. For Xavier, that has meant updating his skills and training again and again.

One thing he says has remained constant, however, are his relationships with customers. “There’s a good rapport between us in prepress and our clients,” he says.

After nine years, Xavier has gotten to know some customers well, sometimes meeting them socially after work.

Xavier has seen large increases in the volume and pace of output at PointOne, much of it driven by technology advancements and an expanded customer base. A 20-page book that used to require 2-3 hours of prepress work when he started at PointOne now often takes less than an hour. That means Xavier is able to process more jobs in a day – sometimes a dozen or more depending on the size and complexity of the work.

As PointOne has grown – since Xavier joined the company, his group alone has doubled in size to six employees – so has the size of many customers. That means larger, more complex projects for the prepress team. Adding to the challenge is a wide variety of file types and, on occasion, files that need to re-worked because of poor resolution or other problems.

“It’s more intense now, with bigger and tougher jobs,” Xavier says. “The more technology and equipment you have, the more the client wants.”

When he’s not meeting customer demands, Xavier and his wife spend much of their time meeting the needs of a five-year-old son and two-year-old daughter at home.

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